"Nice to meet you. I already know you from Facebook!"

So I know it comes as a shock but I am the not the kinda guy who is well known in the real housewives circles. Not that I don't appreciate the older ladies. . . cause I do. I've been a vocal supporter of Urban Cougar for almost a decade now, falling prey a couple of times during my single days. But this weekend was a whole different story.

I was at a wedding in Memphis for my girlfriend's best friend. Lovely ceremony really and an all around good time. Think Bar-B-Que, mixed with punk rock, mixed with an armada of bridesmaids and groomsmen, mixed with southern weather that only a sauna could compare to. Nothing like a heat index of 115 to help the weekend run smoothly.

In any event, Jordan warned me that I would need to be herded around the reception to meet all the people that "knew" of me. "Fine," I said as I saw a leggy blond walk by. Over the course of the next hour I met maybe a half dozen of Jordan's family friends. I'm not even paraphrasing when I say every single conversation went like this. . .
Jordan: Hi so and so, good to see you! This is my boyfriend, And. . "
So and So Housewife: . . Andy! Hi! (shaking hand but most likely awkwardly hugging me) I know you from Facebook. I've seen all the pictures.
Me: (pause) ahh yup. 

So when I've dreamed of my facebook stalker, and trust me I have, I was thinking more this than that. Seriously, who knew I was such a hit among Memphis Housewives? Literally every one I met mentioned me and facebook in the very first sentence they uttered. Which begs the question, if I am such a hit down there, what other middle-aged female demographic is consuming my facebook pictures like a pint of Haagen Daz during a Matthew McConaughey flick?

Oh yeah and if you are over 50 and haven't signed up for facebook, here's how. I promise I'll accept your friend request.

Jordan and I pose for facebook. Can't disappoint those fans.