Then It's Sing Song Time


 So something happened on my way to becoming the most interesting blogger in the world. . . LIFE. Before you sarcastically say "Zimmermann, nobody even knew you were gone. The rest of us are on Twitter anyway. Douche!" Let me explain the last few months in 140 characters or less. 

Economy Blows. On knees 4 jobs. Got 1. Loans+Employers Market=Financial Rape. Snow. Pats-Jets. Moving. Living with Rents. GF=silverlining.
Lots of life changes all at once - the only thing, really, that could slow this blogging freight train down. So let this post officially usher in another era of false promises to blog more. At least I can say it won't be 3 months between posts. 

In order to get up everyday, shovel the 18 inches of snow that just fell in Boston AGAIN and do it all over again the next day - I had to not just accept my new life, but EMBRACE it. To put it in Slim Chin's words "It's Sing Song Time". I have to face the music even if it is with Dwight Howard on piano and Ken Jeong on vocals. In fact I have to sing along. Time to kill it and get paid like some Korean-American MD who said "F medicine, I'm gonna strike it rich in Hollywood"

I'm pretty sure there is a Sports Guy style manifesto about the rules of living this lifestyle and I fully intend to promise a blog about it and then never do it. But at least I threw that out there. Oh yeah and if you were wondering. . . work is fine.

Igor the Impaler

Holy Snotrockets! This thing is still growing. I'll update when it reaches the ground or our house topples over, whichever comes first.