Mimes Taking the Pulpit?!

It's been a while since the last post but I wanted to update you faithful reader(s?) with a rant I think you can relate to. Like who the F cares what a mime has to say?! Right? Are mimes even supposed to talk? I thought not. 
So of course I'm enjoying a corporate booze/schmooze in the bowels of the Pour House getting faded with the Sawx on in the background and down comes the only loud-mouthed mime in the city. Tall drink-a-water at that. Apparently the local Pedicab 304 decided to crash the event and bring props (see the Chauncey with the blow-up doll in front). Definitely creepy, Pagliacci-style. Turns out the mime is their Donald Fehr, gushing about how hard mani-pedicab drivers work, how fun they are, blah bliggity blah. 

Well guess what mime?! Nobody gives a crap.