Advantageous Boating and Uncle Sam

"It's not what you know, it's who you know". Ever heard that BS before? I'm pretty sure even Watson can grasp that abstract concept. Of course it helps, if you live in Boston, to know someone who has a boat. Trust me. Enter, Walshy! My buddy from growing up who underachieved at good ol' Milton High but has overachieved ever since - putting my debt collecting, over-priced, educated ass to shame. He's got a house, a boat, a car - I got a fist full of promissory notes. But I digress. 

Uncle Sam's birthday was a perfect chance for Walshy to break out the sea whip and cruise the hahba while getting bombed, sunburned and faded for fireworks.  Here's some of the footage. . . . 

Pretty sure I am getting the Ansel Adams award for this next one. . . . 


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